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About KBDi Accreditation

Being a KBDi Certified Kitchen Designer (CKD Au) and/or a Certified Bathroom Designer (CBD Au), represents excellence in kitchen and bathroom design. It is available to members who meet the criteria below, and is maintained through continuing professional development.

KBDi Designer Members who have the appropriate training and experience are able to apply for accreditation to become Certified Kitchen Designers (CKD Au) and/or Certified Bathroom Designers (CBD Au).

To apply for accreditation, applicants must:

  • be current financial Designer Member of KBDi
  • have attained the appropriate qualification [Cert IV in the Design of Kitchens, Bathrooms and Interior Spaces (MSF40313]
  • have four (4) continuous years of relevant experience as a designer of Kitchens and Bathrooms
  • submit a portfolio of work to the National Accreditation Committee for review
  • commit to Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

About KBDi Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

KBDi Accredited Designers must commit to a wide-ranging CPD program to ensure that their industry skills and knowledge remain current, relevant and reliable.  We’ve divided CPD point allocation in to four categories, as set out below:


A KBDi Certified Designer is committed to learning, and values the importance of maintaining and upgrading industry skills and knowledge through continued training (formal or informal), attendance at industry expos, product updates and industry discussions.


A KBDi Certified Designer sees value in sharing their expertise with their industry peers and new and future designers, by making presentations, mentoring and writing papers/articles for journals and other media.


A KBDi Certified Designer continually applies their extensive skills and knowledge, in their day work practices and in special activities/promotions such as award entries, home show design advice desks, developing innovative design aspects or processes.


A KBDi Certified Designer is committed to the design industry as a whole, and contributes to the broader design community by serving on relevant committees, panels etc.

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