A message from KBDi President

Dear Members and friendsI hope you’ve had a great week, or at least found some bright spots to focus on.Mine has been pretty good, all things considered. A mixture of good, great and difficult.I’m very grateful that we have managed to keep Covid at bay...

Making stone the hero of the home

We’ve seen some truly stunning applications of natural stone in Australian kitchens and bathrooms this year. In this feature, we’ve collaborated with KBDi Corporate PLUS Partner, The Stone Ambassador, to share five ways you can feature their stone in your next kitchen...

The Ins and Outs of Insurance

Tuesday | 28 September 2021 | 4 pm AESTIn this videoconference, we'll be joined by KBDi Partner, Cabinet Makers Insurance Brokers (CMIB). You'll learn about the difference between professional liability and public liability insurance, and get a greater...

Strategies for staying strong

Tuesday | 14 September 2021 | 4 pm AESTLife is full of challenges at the best of times: throw in a virus, some fear, a bunch of rules and restrictions and a tonne of uncertainty, and we can find that our boundaries are really stretched.We know that some of...

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