Ever wish you had a colleague’s brain to pick about a business concern, or a creative collaborator to help you get through a design dilemma? We have a team of professionals within KBDi with centuries (!) of combined experience, and we’re ready to be your ‘brain date’. Meet our Mentors below, and complete the form to schedule a mentoring session. (Note: this is strictly a benefit of KBDi membership, and is a complimentary service for current financial members.)

KBDi Executive Director, Royston Wilson CBD Au, CKD Au, has collected a swag of Australian and international awards during his three-decade design career. He’s eager to help his fellow designers enjoy similar success and creative confidence, and as a registered Building Designer, can offer advice in all areas of building design.

KBDi founding Member, Elizabeth Luke CKD Au, CBD Au, has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share. Elizabeth is a qualified interior designer, building designer, licensed residential builder and a KBDi accredited kitchen and bathroom designer. She has worked in interiors for three decades, and is always eager to help aspiring design professionals.

Albert Zarb CKD Au, is a partner in the very successful Mint Kitchen Group in Melbourne.  He is a licensed builder with broad experience in all things kitchen and bathroom, and is keen to help fellow kitchen creators succeed and flourish.

As the owner and principal designer at Melbourne firm, OUTSIDEINSIDE Building Elements, Patricia La Torre CKD Au is passionate about every aspect of design. As a long-time (and successful) business owner, she’s also very much committed to delivering exceptional service to clients, and is eager to share her knowledge and experience in this regard.

KBDi’s former Executive Director, Greg Grant CKD Au, has been in the kitchen and bathroom industry for over 35 years.  Greg built, bolstered and sold a very successful manufacturing and installation business; he’s a spreadsheet demon and a budgeting hero, and is your go-to man for business advice.

Our resident designer and head of marketing and comms, Selina Zwolsman CKD Au, has over 20 years’ experience in kitchen, bathroom and interior design, and a passion for great communication. Selina is available to be your sounding board for design dilemmas, or to help you find the best way to communicate your design or business intentions in a clear and concise manner.

If you’d like to book a mini-mentoring session with one of our professionals, simply complete the form below and we’ll get you on your way.  

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Mentor sessions are complimentary for Members. If you have a membership, please log in to access the Booking Form. If not, you can  join as a Member here.