Speaking in front of an audience can offer you many opportunities for self-improvement and career or business growth. Accordingly, we are continually looking for ways to get our members on the stage and encourage you to participate when and where you can. For instance, right now members in Melbourne and Sydney can submit an application to speak to a consumer audience at the upcoming Home Shows. Click on the relevant button below to download the form.

And if you’re outside of these cities – or keen to explore other speaking opportunities – we encourage you to complete the form found behind this button.

Do you need some convincing to take on this challenge?
When you overcome any fears you have about public speaking, you’ll soon recognise the potential to be gained by putting yourself on a podium and sharing your knowledge with an audience. Following are our top five reasons for doing so.

1. Building your confidence (essential for self-promotion)
Public speaking can be nerve-racking, but – with practice – it builds confidence and helps you with your self-promotion. As business owners, we’re often our own PR team and should take every opportunity that comes along to network and get our names out in the world. Public speaking teaches us to feel comfortable with our pitch and get well-practised in fielding questions from potential clients, peers or partners.

2. Honing your persuasion skills
When meeting with a new or existing client, your persuasion skills must be sharp. If you’re trying to secure a new client, you’ll need to persuade them that you know what you’re doing. If you’re trying to sell a design, your persuasion skills will help your clients come on side with your big visions. And when you’re on the podium, your primary purpose is to persuade your audience that you’re a thought leader or influencer in your industry and skilled and knowledgeable in your field.

3. Inspiring others (your potential clients, peers and colleagues)
One of the most rewarding parts of public speaking is the chance to offer inspiration to your audience. Inspiring your audience will naturally keep them engaged, and inspiring your clients, colleagues, and peers ensures you’re more likely to be working towards a common goal.

4. Sharpening your critical thinking
This one may seem a little out there but hear us out. Preparing informative and engaging presentations requires research, reasoning, and the chance to consider the information from the viewpoint of your audience. In the ‘off stage’ world, these critical thinking skills can help you improve your sales conversions and negotiations.

5. It’s the ultimate ‘soft sell’
Public speaking provides the perfect platform for ‘soft selling’. While you may not be selling something directly during your presentation, you can certainly convince your audience of your expertise and provide solutions to their problems. In an industry in which longer-term relationships are invaluable, a ‘soft sell’ offers an excellent start.

We have a few seasoned speakers in our community – many of whom are willing and eager to share their trade secrets. If you’re keen to put yourself on the podium in 2023, consider completing the form below or contacting our office for some mentoring sessions.