Häfele LOOX lighting system is now available by Cut To Size ordering tool

Häfele LOOX lighting system is now available by Cut To Size ordering tool

A message from our Silver Sponsor, Häfele

Did you know that the Häfele LOOX lighting system is now available by the Cut To Size ordering tool on their website?

To order your LED strips and matching Aluminium Profiles, log in at Hafele.com.au and select SERVICE> CONFIGURATION TOOLS> H20-HAFELE TO ORDER.

Häfele will then cut them to suit your individual job requirements and deliver your custom-sized LOOX products with drivers and your selected switches ready for installation.

Just another way that Häfele are adding everyday value to your business by reducing your labour and wastage costs.

Designers who mean business

Designers who mean business

A message from our Education Partner, Designer Training Australia

DTA have launched a suite of courses to give kitchen and bathroom designers opportunities to work on their business with the helpful guidance of industry experts. Over the coming weeks, we will profile the various courses from this series.

#1 K&B Design Business Blueprint

This short course presents participants with a proven formula for running a successful business as a Kitchen and Bathroom Designer and provides a systematic approach to running Kitchen and Bathroom Design Business. Participants will walk away with over 30 customisable tools including templates, checklists and documents to run a successful design business.

It is targeted at designers who are either new to business or looking to start a business, and also those who are looking to refine their existing business processes.

The course is run over 3 weeks In November 2019 with weekly classes run webinar-style so you can participate from anywhere. Class sizes are capped to allow for interaction and one on one assistance and advice.

With tools for all phases of the design process including Initial Enquiry, Design Brief, Site Evaluation, Design Development, Initial Presentation, Refine and Finalise Documentation, Procurement and Contract and Implementation along with general Administration tools.

All tools are customisable so you can just add your own logo and modify to suit your business.

Tools we use include

#1 Client Enquiry Form

#2 Client File Form

#3 Schedule of Fees Template

#4 Client Agreement Template

#5 Portfolio Template

#6 Tax Invoice Template

#7 Invoice Template

#8 Time Tracker

#9 Client Interview for a Kitchen Form

#10 Client Interview for a Bathroom Form

#11 18 Point Checklist Template

#12 Site Survey Checklist

#13 Site Survey Grid Paper

#14 Design Analysis

#15 Title Block Template

#16 Consultation Report

#17 Concept Drawing

#18 Samples Request Form

#19 Variation to Design Form

#20 Kitchen Specification

#21 Bathroom Specification

#22 Specification Checklist

#23 Quotation Template

#24 Purchase Order Template

#25 Contract Template

#26 Project Plan Template

#27 Letterhead Template

#28 Envelope Template

#29 To Do List Form

#30 Quality Control Checklist

For more information email info@designertraining.edu.au or go to https://designertraining.edu.au/cherry-services_category/short-courses/

New generation of user friendly functions: push to open Silent from Hettich

New generation of user friendly functions: push to open Silent from Hettich

A message from our Silver Sponsor, Hettich

As a pioneer of Push to open Silent technology, Hettich has added numerous new features to the second product generation. As a result, Push to open Silent provides the same convenience as electromechanical opening systems

Drawers open entirely mechanically in response to a light press on the front panel – on shutting, they unnoticeably load the opening mechanism and close in a gently cushioned movement. Even small, lightweight drawers for bathroom vanities close reliably and gently. Using special runners and Push to open Silent units, Hettich has managed to develop an end to end solution for all drawer formats. The particular practical convenience is evident in many facets, such as in the retriggering guard: the system recognises drawers closed by hand and does not reopen them accidentally. And if there’s a lack of momentum on closing, the drawer is prevented from opening again and the force needed to close it is reduced’.

On opening, optional synchronisation makes sure that a kitchen like drawer front gap of 2.5 mm is sufficient to reliably activate the system even when pressing the edges of large format front panels. When the drawer is pulled open, it feels just the same as a drawer on Silent System runners.

Push to open Silent is suitable for ArciTech and is now available for InnoTech Atira drawers. The runners are installed quickly and without the need for tools. The new Push to open Silent product generation provides a viable alternative to electromechanical systems as it leaves no margin of doubt in terms of user-friendly convenience.

Learn more about the Hettich Push to Open Silent here.

Smooth office surfaces with Staron

Smooth office surfaces with Staron

A message from our Silver Sponsor, Staron

Staron® Solid Surfaces is manufactured from a safe natural mineral refined from bauxite and blended with pure acrylic resin to create a premium solid surface. Staron® Solid Surfaces contains no dangerous silica and is suitable not only for commercial projects, but for endless applications around the home including kitchens, bathrooms, and laundries.

When used in an office environment, Staron® offers a clean and hygienic surface to fit any space. Office surfaces are used to hold telephones, computers, food and touched by many hands. The hygienic properties of Staron® mean that the office will be a clean workspace and avoid cross-contamination.

Staron® does not promote the growth of bacteria, which sets it apart from many other surfaces. The nonstaining nature of Staron® also means that the surface will remain looking good for years – with no coffee or tea stains in sight. The monolithic and thermoformable properties of Staron® push the boundaries of ordinary design, and transforms the office space into a user-friendly and ergonomic environment.

Create long continuous lines that curve to provide easy use and effective design. Staron® can be used to create desks, toilet partitions, bathroom vanities, tabletops, wall paneling, kitchenettes, furniture and can even clad an entire reception desktop/front/sides to create one continuous surface.

Ph: 02 9822 7055

Photo credit: Staron® clad to reception unit. Design by Valmont.

InnoTech Atira Drawer System

InnoTech Atira Drawer System

A message from our Silver Sponsor, Hettich

InnoTech Atira Drawer System – Extended Platform Concept

The InnoTech Atira drawer system by Hettich is full of character: Straight lines, clean contours and is available in three finishes; white, silver and the new dark anthracite. A variety of additional elements complemented by versatile interior organisation solutions form the perfect mix for more individuality. InnoTech Atira combines attractive options for differentiating with high-cost efficiency by means of the platform concept.

The sleek design of InnoTech Atira fits into any home situation and offers a wide variety of options for differentiating drawers and pull-outs. Various side elements, such as railing and TopSide with glass below the railing and runners provide individually tailored solutions that can be produced with flexibility and ease. Further added value for individualists comes from designer profiles that can be simply adhered to the drawer side profile. The high-quality designer profiles create visual highlights, emphasise the system’s corners and edges, with decors of the same colour for internal front panels or interior organisation. The freedom of design has no limits, because with InnoTech Atira, striking design meets proven technology.

Perfect differentiation also in terms of function: from the partial extension runner with soft closing to the full extension runner with Silent System or Push to open Silent. The Quadro partial extension runner is the ideal gateway to double-walled drawer systems, and with the option of being upgraded to a full extension runner, the ideal basis for InnoTech Atira. The range is perfectly complemented by the innovative, user-friendly Push to open Silent function that competently combines handleless opening in response to a light press on the front panel with soft closing drawers. From small and light to large and heavy – the best performance is guaranteed for all drawers, e.g. by using a 10 kg runner or optional, clip in synchronisation for conveniently opening the drawer from almost anywhere on the front panel. Particular practical convenience is evident in many facets, such as in the retriggering guard or the intelligent drawer energy storage system if there’s ever a lack of momentum on closing. Push to open Silent impresses with convenience and operational reliability.

The interior organisation, perfectly coordinated with the style elements, offers many practical storage options. InnoTech Atira is a perfected product range for many different applications and customised design options and is based on a platform concept that uses just one drawer side profile, keeping cost and effort as low as possible in production, stock keeping and logistics.

Learn more here.

Take a Blum Kitchen Test Drive and be rewarded

Take a Blum Kitchen Test Drive and be rewarded

A message from our Gold Sponsor, Blum

Take a Blum Kitchen Test Drive and be rewarded: both you and your client could take home a Winning Appliances voucher! 

Wendy Moore joins Blum to encourage anyone going through a kitchen renovation or new build to make an appointment to do a Blum Kitchen Test Drive.

Wendy has been an integral part of the design world for over 28 years, witnessing real-life experiences of people designing and creating a home they love. So, she understands the importance of getting it right the first time.

What is a Kitchen Test Drive?

Watch the video below and see how you can experience your designs in real life.

  • Blum Kitchen Test Drive allows you to show your designs to your customers in real life, using full-scale cabinets.
  • Is there enough work surface? Are the workflows smooth and efficient? And is there enough storage space?
  • The cabinets are mobile and can be easily and quickly moved around to show different kitchen layouts.
  • Demonstrate spatial awareness for your clients.

How can you be rewarded?

Between 1 September and 6 December 2019, when you bring your customer into your local Blum Showroom for a Kitchen Test Drive, both you and your client will each be rewarded with a $100 Winning Appliances voucher after the appointment.

As an added bonus for your customer, they will be eligible to go into the draw to win a further $300 Winning Appliances voucher in the weekly draw.

To book a kitchen test drive and experience your designs in real-life visit https://www.blum.com/kitchentestdrive.