Touch-base Tuesday | Royston & Greg

Touch-base Tuesday | Royston & Greg

Tuesday | 9 June 2020 | 2pm (AEST)

Most of you will know Greg Grant CKD Au as the (outgoing) Executive Director of KBDi. Before he donned that hat, however, Greg was a long-serving member and the owner of a very successful cabinetmaking business in Brisbane. In this Touch-base Tuesday session, Greg will share his journey from a fledgling in a family-owned business to the head of a national industry group, with plenty of words of wisdom in between.

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Cabinet hardware solutions:  how the Lincoln Sentry team can support you with your specs

Cabinet hardware solutions: how the Lincoln Sentry team can support you with your specs

With 80 years of combined industry experience, Lincoln Sentry’s National Specification team are armed and ready to offer you the most practical hardware solutions for your projects.

If you’ve been joining in on the KBDi videoconferences, you’ll know the Specification team are regularly on board. Peter, Deborah and Janene are committed to keeping up with industry activity and staying ahead of the trends, and they’re always eager to offer support to KBDi Members.

With their comprehensive product knowledge and incredibly useful inside-information (they know all the functional design tricks!), the National Specification team has the know-how you need to get your projects fitted out to perfection.

Use the links below to contact your local rep, and make sure you ask to be added to their all-new eNews mailing list (where they’ll be sharing a seasonal update on Lincoln Sentry’s impressive product lines).


Peter Foote

Specification Manager NSW / ACT / WA

Mobile: 0466 390 795 | Email:


Deborah Kercheval

Specification Manager VIC / SA / TAS

Mobile: 0439 214 145 | Email:


Janene Stanley

Specification Manager QLD / NT

Mobile: 0439 214 194 | Email:

How Tristan grew his thriving business

How Tristan grew his thriving business

A message from our Corporate Plus Partner, Cabinets by Computer

Tristan Smith is the owner and operator of Smithwards Kitchens and Cabinetry and one of the thousands using goCabinets.

A key goal of goCabinets has always been enablement. Enabling those who currently do not have the time or resources to produce cabinetry for their clients. We’ve connected thousands of designers, builders, cabinet makers and more with local manufacturers capable and willing to cut volumes of custom cabinetry so users can offer the full solution to their clients.

Roughly 4 years ago Tristan was introduced to the goCabinets platform when his employer began using the service to streamline receiving their own clients’ orders. While looking to explore more of the service, Tristan began quoting and designing cabinets as a user in his spare time at home. The speed and simplicity resulted in the submission of his first job and he hasn’t looked back since, having entered more than 80 jobs into the goCabinets system since July 2019. Tristan recently offered his time to answer some questions on his goCabinets experience.

What comments do you have regarding the ordering process with goCabinets and its ease-of-use?

“From my experience now having used it for approximately 4 years it is a breeze. It takes all the thinking out of writing or designing a plan from scratch, it’s so easy to access the panels and cabinets I need, make adjustments, even do bulk colour changes to see price differences. I have never had any issue or difficulty in its user interface.”

What are the core benefits that you have found from your continued use of the goCabinets ordering system?

“In point order
• It’s quick…super quick to do kitchen design and generate a cost for cts [cut to size].
• It allows me to change designs without hand writing or long-winded plans on another program.
• It allows no time wasting in my business. This is a major factor. I don’t have to write plans, Sendoff plans to a cts company and wait for a quote, it takes user error out of the equation. If there is a mistake, I made it and not the company putting my design into another program before they cut it out. I know exactly what I’m ordering, is what I’m getting”

How have you found the quality of the cabinetry that you have ordered through the system?

“The quality of cabinetry has been great. We are very particular with our kitchens and expect the highest quality.”

What recommendations or suggestions do you have for an individual or business that is considering doing their first job through the goCabinets system?

“Try it out, it will change your entire business structure for the better, it will improve efficiency, productivity and even prevent / minimise financial losses through errors in plans, third party mistakes etc.”

A short introduction was the spark that led Tristan to using goCabinets and growing the thriving business he has today. We encourage you to register for your own free account and explore what goCabinets could do for you.

How are your future clients feeling about their home renovation projects?

How are your future clients feeling about their home renovation projects?

In March 2020, KBDi Media Partner, Universal Media Co, asked everyday Australians with home project plans if they expected to continue with their plans once Coronavirus had hit.

The answer – a resounding YES.

During this week’s PD Thursday videoconference, UM Publisher, Janice Williams, delivered the top five insights inspired by the survey results . In this feature, we’re sharing a summary of how these consumer perspectives could influence your future work.

Insight #1: Consumers With the Money Still Want to Spend It

It seems that consumers who are investing in home projects have the money and feel relatively unperturbed by the headlines.

Early indicators that the property market was holding up reinforced this mindset.

Many were working on projects of real significance – such as major renovations or new-home builds with two-year completion times. This category was particularly emphatic about continuing with home plans of a lifetime.

Some, in fact, were diverting funds that would have been spent on travel towards new kitchens, bathrooms, or other long-awaited home projects.

These findings in no way diminish the fact that we are in an era-defining recession, with thousands unemployed. It just means that people who aren’t in this situation are proceeding with their plans regardless. Businesses in the home space must double-down on reaching these consumers if they are going to survive.

These findings in no way diminish the new difficulties of protecting personnel and customers while doing site inspections, measure-up and delivery of jobs. Businesses in the home space must adapt to these restrictions as the new normal. They must find new ways to communicate “Concerned about Coronavirus? No worries – we’ve got this”.


Insight #2: Home Spenders in 2020 Look Much Like Home Spenders in 2019

Established, suburban, family-orientated – not the fantasy young couple but certainly spending, and certainly a worthwhile market. The only market worth developing, in fact.

Almost without exception they are mature (aged 45+) and have made the most of advantageous years in better markets by investing in property and super.

They are in established households – they have occupied their residence for 10+ years and have mature multi-gen families.

They are in steady jobs – 10+ years with the current employer. They either own businesses or are seniors within them. They might be working in government, health, aged care, food production or education.

Insight #3: Available Time – the Main Driver of the new Renovation Boom

Despite the difficulty of managing the necessary protections, an increasingly home-based workforce is ‘getting around’ to those long-overdue jobs.

Employed Australians, now armed with a billion extra hours, have to use them on something. Ask any working person and it’s usually the time, more than the money, that stops things from happening.

In Australia we live in a ‘renovation culture’. According to the ABS, 2019 was a renovation boom year. The desires that drove that live on into 2020 for those who have the financial foundation.

Insight #4: Preparing for Multi-Gen Living

With an eye on what’s to come, these Gen X and Boomer renovators are preparing space for returning children, for parents to move into, or for whatever else arises in this strange new world.

The desire to de-stress family living is something that came up again and again in the precursor discussions that led to this poll. Extra bathrooms, living areas, attics and kitchen spaces were perceived as essential to cope with family living. Parents are facilitating the studies of adult students as much as acquiring space for their own projects.


As Local councils are increasingly allowing duplex living, more families are taking up the chance to have more than one generation live on the same block of land, or to make money from the second dwelling. The desire expressed is to “live in one and live off the other”.

Insight #5: Budgets are Modest, Locations are Suburban

The spenders are in suburban locations and, somewhat surprisingly, around regional centres. They are expanding families or tree-changers moving to areas where space is more affordable.

The language of spending is restrained. We are generalising, but this is a community that wants “to finally have a good family entertaining space with quality fittings – but does not want to go over the top”. Eyes are on property values to the left and family needs on the right.

Download the full report and poll summary here.

Touch-base Tuesday | Royston and Kate

Touch-base Tuesday | Royston and Kate

Tuesday | 2 June 2020 | 2pm (AEST)

Kate St James is a very well-recognised name in the Australian design industry. Kate was a founding editor of Universal Media’s Home Design and Living Series magazines (including Grand Designs Australia and Home Design magazines), where her journalism and interior design qualifications were put to great use. She held the title of Editor-in-Chief for more than sixteen years, and has jam-packed an impressive list of interior design accomplishments, training positions and industry organisation roles in her career, too. Kate could certainly be described as an ‘industry stalwart’, and we can’t wait to have a chat with her in this special ‘Touch-basoree Tuesday’ session.

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PD Thursday| Where will you find your clients post Coronavirus-crisis?

PD Thursday| Where will you find your clients post Coronavirus-crisis?

Thursday | 28 May 2020 | 4pm AEST

Universal Media Co conducted a comprehensive digital survey of consumers in the midst of renovation projects at the end of March 2020. While coronavirus headlines were particularly daunting at that time, the survey responses were surprisingly buoyant. If you’re wondering who you’ll be working with and where in the coming months, you won’t want to miss the insights UM’s Janice Williams will be sharing.

Places are limited (with priority allocation going to KBDi Designer Members). Non-members can attend one virtual event obligation-free. Register TODAY and we’ll confirm your spot via email.

Registrations have now closed.